Posted: October 19, 2012
Check It Out

Mom and Dad are going to love it when I pass these Chocoshots out to the kiddies on Halloween. German company Zotter makes the syringes filled with mankind's greatest culinary invention from organic, fair-trade ingredients, and uses no preservatives. That means Chocoshots must be stored in the refrigerator, just like the insulin shots I used to have to inject into the neck of my ex-girlfriend's fat, diabetic Westie.

Chocoshots are available in 11 flavors, and sold individually. Each syringe contains 100 grams of craving satisfaction (and probably 100 grams of sugar). Since I do not speak the language of the Bavarian peoples, I cannot identify all of Zotter's Chocoshots flavors, but my powers of linguistic deduction suggest they include Amaretto, Eggnog, Coffee, Orange, Almond, Vanilla Bourbon, and Whiskey. One flavor is called "Disinfection", which I suppose tastes like peroxide or calamine lotion.

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