Hush Moonshine

Posted: September 30, 2014
Hush Moonshine

According to Hush, "The moonshine business was built on confidence, loyalty and the ability to keep secrets." That's a nice way to put it. Nicer than, "The moonshine business originated as an illegal and criminal activity that thrived anyway because it made drinkers joyously drunk and shiners joyously rich." Maybe Walter White should steal Hush's euphemism for his own business.

For my part, I'm not judging. I'm an advocate of many illegal activities. Also, I only judge things that don't directly benefit me, and having burned through most of a bottle of Flaming Cinnamon Hush with an Air Canada flight attendant last weekend, the moonshine has done nothing if not directly benefit me. Also, I'm pretty sure if Hush were illegal they wouldn't be openly selling it to consumers on the Internet.

A grain spirit made primarily from corn, Hush produces several flavors of moonshine they believe are the smoothest on the market. The liquor is aromatic, tasty, and mixable into myriad cocktails (recipes here) and anymore, Hush's only standing secret is their refining method for removing impurities from distillation.

Hush Moonshine is currently available in Original, Spiced Apple, Country Maple, and Flaming Cinnamon flavors. Southern Lemonade and Georgia Peach are coming soon.

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