ResQBattery Micro-USB Disposable Phone Battery

Posted: June 26, 2017
ResQBattery Micro-USB Disposable Phone Battery

The ResQBattery is FCC- and CE-approved, but something about the words "disposable phone battery" will probably make the composting farmer's market crowd cringe. The rest of you, however, can feel the giddy relief of knowing that this 3-pack of pocket-sized, single-use chargers for Android, Windows, and BlackBerry will give your doornail-dead phone up to 5 more hours of talk and text time, and then flick easily into the trash as if it were never even there.

The say safely and with eco-friendliness, composting farmer's market crowd, so relax those maxillofacial muscles.

Through its integrated MicroUSB connector each ResQBattery delivers a one-time 1300mAH charge to compatible devices. The Gray, Blue, and Yellow trio even comes pre-charged and ready to bring your phone back to life when you can't quite get to an outlet in time to resuscitate it yourself. Each ResQBattery is small enough to stash on your person or in a bag, and has a 5-year shelf life.

ResQBattery packs could come in handy at shows and festivals, on camping trips, and as a gift for teens who don't take very good care of things, so instead of giving them nice things, you give them something that's actually meant to go in the garbage after one use.

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