The Most Beautiful Composter in the World

Posted: May 27, 2016
The Most Beautiful Composter in the World
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Yes, that's right. The Most Beautiful Composter in the World! Envirocycle's all-in-one outdoor composting system won the title in a down-and-dirty competition, with unanimous votes from judges Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Carl Taylor and James St. James, and Oscar the Grouch.

Well, either that, or Envirocycle just decided to hand out the award themselves.

Composteamakers are designed to be efficient, easy to use, and a stunning centerpiece of your yard or garden. Or at least neutral and unobtrusive enough that they won't ug it up. The drums and their accompanying bases are made of UV-protected, BPA-free recycled plastic and new materials. Envirocycle describes them as "solid like a tank."

Available in 17- and 35-gallon models, Composteamaker drums have a large opening for disposing of food and organic yard waste. Envirocycle recommends turning the drum on its base 3 times every 3 days, and after 4 to 8 weeks you'll have usable compost filled with nutrients and microorganisms champing at the bit decaying matter to help your landscape thrive.

You can roll the beauteous composter around your yard like a wheelbarrow to spread its fruits, using mature compost as a soil top dressing, or soil amendment mixed into the ground. The composter base collects liquid compost tea concentrate, which you can dilute with 90% water for use with aerator pumps and brewers to create foliar spray.

Happy dumping!

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