ZORBZ Self-Sealing Water Balloons

By: on August 16, 2014
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Don't want to wait 19 months, or whatever the current ETA for Bunch O Balloons is? Get an instant water balloon fix with ZORBZ latex bombs. You won't be able to pump up 3 dozen of them at once, but the balloons' self-sealing technology will decrease your total fill time...not to mention the frustration, finger cramps, and accidental detonating that usually accompany tying up a hundred rubbery necks in a row.

ZORBZ are made of biodegradable latex, and achieve their self-sealing claim to fame via the insertion of a tiny ball into each empty balloon. Once filled with water, users hold their ZORBZ upright and the ball rises up, wedging itself into the fill opening. The ball blocks the water from escaping, and saves human hands the tedium of knot tying.

On the downside, ZORBZ balls are as biodegradable as the balloons themselves. And some reviewers grumble that they begin their dissolution process as soon as the water hits. In other words, if you don't use your balloons within 10 to 15 minutes of filling, the balls will melt away and your weapons will self-destruct. Other reviewers point out that while this is somewhat irritating, it is not as irritating as having a bunch of ZORBZ BBs lying indefinitely all over your front yard at the end of every water balloon fight.

As a new product with a promising concept, my feeling is that it's likely ZORBZ will take steps to improve their balls' performance in the future.

ZORBZ self-sealing water balloons are a top Dude Gift for a Kid pick.

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Noria Window Air Conditioner

$299 from Noria »

Granted, when it's hotter than a dragon's undercarriage out and I'm tasked with sleeping through the night, I don't really care if the air-circulating device that makes that possible looks like Jabba the Hutt's butt crack....

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Geizeer Ice Cube Air Conditioner

$119 - $129 from Geizeer »

Make that "Geizeer Super Cheap and Eco-Friendly Ice Cube Air Conditioner." (And it's actually pronounced "Guy-zer," not "Gee-zer," even though in my head it will always be the latter.) At an operational cost of less than...

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Bunch O Balloons - 100 Water Balloons in 1 Minute

$9.99 from Amazon »

Nevermind where can I get some Bunch O Balloons, the better question is where can I get two kids as calm, as pleasant, and as capable of doing heavy manual labor as the pair in the video? Did you see that little blonde...

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aRks 3D Printed Bikinis

aRks 3D has prototyped a series of 3D printed bikinis they call Coral. And I know what all the dudes out there are thinking: that's some Coral I'd sure like to come across in the ocean. In stark contrast what's running...

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Solar-Powered Air Conditioned Bed

$388 - $776 from Aries »

The Solar AC Bed wants to make it a Bananarama cool (cool!) cool summer without draining your wallet or sucking excess power from the grid. This modular cot frame surrounds your existing bed and absorbs solar energy throughout...

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Modpools - Shipping Container Swimming Pools

$26,900 from Modpools »

Rather the seal him inside a shipping container bound for Abu Dhabi, why not fill that shipping container with water and let Odie dog paddle around inside it with you this summer? Dig up a big hole in your backyard, and...

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Armadillo Tea Canopy

The belly of a beast doesn't have to be Old Testament-style miserable and wet and reeking of rotting fish. Unlike Jonah, you'll be able to relish some shade from the blaring sun, some shelter from the summer rains, and...

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The SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler

$100 - $299 from SunDen »

Your wingman for summer has arrived. Well...its crowdfunding campaign has anyway. Like the Coolest Cooler before it, the SunDen hit Kickstarter this week seeking to consolidate and elevate, optimize and smartify all facets...

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Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

$112.87 from Amazon »

I never knew--never truly knew--what it was like to be hot--perpetually hot, like, hotter than a nun in a cucumber field all the time--until I moved in with a girl who is interminably cold. It was 94 degrees outside my...

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The WaterMat

$548 from Amazon »

The 6' x 18' WaterMat is bigger than most rafts, more portable than most rafts, and won't suck so much air from your lungs during assembly that you start to feel lightheaded and then pass out and then fall off the side...

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$100 from Amazon »

KEEN says, "There's unique, and then there's UNEEK." I say there's unique, and then there's F'ing weird. These sandals look like someone had a little too much time and a little too much paracord on his hands. But KEEN...

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Armpit Air Conditioners

$36 from Thanko »

They say Summer Is Coming. And not six, 10-episode seasons from now. Like, next week. The Plains, Midwest, and South can expect scorching temperatures, stifling humidity, and lots and lots of armpit sweat....