World's Largest Super Soaker

Posted: July 11, 2017

Your biggest concern about the World's Largest Super Soaker* shouldn't be that it will get you super soaked upon impact. Because the water jets maker Mark Rober has built this 7-foot H2Ogre to spew is so powerful it can shatter glass, halve an unpeeled banana, and slice straight through a watermelon (the watermelon gets suckered into certain death again! Background here.) Upon impact, your biggest concern should be that you end up on your ass, bruised and confused, and wetter from the pee in your pants than the water from the World's Largest Super Soaker.

Rober used to be a NASA engineer, so naturally when he started missing working on space rockets, he moved to the next best thing: water rockets. His World's Largest Super Soaker doesn't quite break the sound barrier when it fires, but I think the 272MPH stream it does release is impressive enough to call a "blast-off." And impressive enough that I would like to order one 7-foot Super Soaker, please.

Not surprisingly, Rober isn't planning to mass produce his giant Super Soakers, and I'm guessing the one he made is a once-off. For him.

You though. You can get your hands on the build list of parts he use, and the CAD files he put together to build the Super Soaker here.

Heh, heh, reading about the World's Largest Super Soaker reminds me of this video from a few years ago. 272MPH right in the kisser!

*Guinness-confirmed, says Rober.

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