Wilson X Connected Football

Posted: September 04, 2016
Wilson X Connected Football
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For the four of you out there who would rather collect your own stats than your fantasy team's, the Wilson X Connected Football offers another way to feel like you're part of the NFL. Using the accompanying app you'll be able to create an avatar and begin tracking your throw stats, playing immersive virtual games with real NFL teams (or your friend Cornelius), and sharing scores and stats online to see yourself pitted against other Wilson X users.

Paired via Bluetooth with any smart device the Wilson X Connected Football tracks every throw and provides a breakdown of its velocity, spin rate, spiral efficiency, distance, and Wx Rating (a per-throw "score" calculated using all of your throwing stats.) Five immersive game modes let you:

  • Get the feel with QB Warm Up
  • Skill test in Elimination Mode
  • Hone your throws in Precision Mode
  • Make big plays in Game Time and Final Drive Modes
  • The Wilson X Connected Football's embedded sensor has a non-rechargeable battery good for 200,000 throws.

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