TRAK Folding Kayak

Posted: May 28, 2015
TRAK Folding Kayak
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If campers can carry their houses on their backs (or at least have the Ecocapsule pulled by a unicorn), why shouldn't they be able to pack mule (or at least trunk-of-car mule their kayaks? TRAK's T-1600 is a performance kayak that breaks down into 8 pieces small enough to stuff inside a 52" x 17" x 15" Ogio pack. Slide it easily into the trunk of a car, or check it at the airport to take with you on your next far off adventure.

The T-1600 kayak assembles and breaks back down in 7 steps and 10 minutes or less. Its parts consist of a stern frame section, a bow frame section, a PolyTrak shell, TPS jacks, an ultra-strong coaming, a command seat, float bags, and a neoprene spray skirt. In action the boat is capable of navigating beginner to expert paddlers through an array of water conditions thanks to its rigid, adaptable hull with cockpit-mounted hydraulics enabling kayakers to shift the hull's shape on command. Pull or release the handling to adjust the hull for quick tracing, smooth turning , or neutralizing a cross-wind without a rudder.

The T-1600 claims to be tough enough to weather any intensity of ocean waves or river rapids as well. Its DuraTrak frame is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, and all of its tubing is connected with shock-cording. The kayak's expedition-grade PolyTrak shell is also completely waterproof, largely puncture-proof, and abrasion-resistant.

Your new best folding friend includes a storage system built into the hull featuring an aluminum extrusion on a track to provides quick, clear access to gear without dealing with accident-prone hatches.

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