The World's First Smart Basketball

Posted: December 20, 2013
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The 94Fifty basketball is so smart it can measure any force you apply to it, instantly output data about your game, hone your shooting skills, coordinate competitions against other players, and diss your mama for being so stupid she peels M&Ms to make chocolate chip cookies. The world's first smart basketball connects via Bluetooth and projects through its accompanying iOS app everything a player--from playground to pro--ever wanted to know about his or her game.

Dribble, pass, or shoot and the 94Fifty Smart Sensor basketball will track and interpret. Constantly. It will record your spin, speed, acceleration, shot arc, anything that could improve your performance, or prove, with precise scientific accuracy, that it's already 50% better than your friend Cornelius'. And almost 50% as good as LeBron's. When he has the flu.

The enhanced ball's own performance is fast; lag time from action to device display is about 100 millisecond. These properties make the 94Fifty useful as both a training and recreational tool. The basketball's app can devise 50+ drills and challenges, and give immediate audible and visual feedback on player execution. For example, during a shooting drill, a jump shot's quality might be measured in shot release speed/probability of getting stuffed, while a 3-pointer's readout and assessment focus on shot arc. (The ball cannot, however, determine when a basket is made.) As players improve their game, the app adapts too, increasing its demands and scoring to match its user's growing skills.

In head-to-head competitions, 94Fifty basketballs conduct automated, real-time scoring and leaderboards for up to 5 players, who can share the same app (though the ball will connect only to a single phone.)

94Fifty Smart Sensor engineering maintains the official size, weight, and spin of the 29-1/2" men's and 28-1/2" women's/youth models in which the basketballs are available.

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