The kidRunner

By: on May 15, 2015
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Are you a runner...with kids? Kids you strap in a stroller and take jogging with you, even though months of doing this has hunched your back, rounded your shoulders, and generally F'd up your form? More importantly, have you always dreamt of taking part in a chariot race...during which you'd play the role of the horse? Then kidRunner is about to solve your problems and make your dreams come true.

Born in the sporty town of Bend, OR, the kidRunner describes itself as the first high performance, all-terrain means of schlepping your bambinos along on your workout. Obviously the kidRunner is most unlike other kid joggers in its pull rather than push design. Instead of positioning Jr. in his stroller in front of you and pushing the contraption along, the kidRunner harnesses to your waist, with its flexible neck extending to a kid-filled buggy that you pull along behind you. Kind of like one of those speed training parachutes. Not all that much heavier either, if kidRunner creators are to be believed. The two-wheeled rickshaw system is made of ultra lightweight composite materials, including carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum; total weight is less than 20 pounds.

kidRunners best accommodate children between the ages of 6 months (around 12 pounds) and 4 years (around 40 pounds). They are secured inside the carriage's "cockpit" with a 5-point harness similar to those in other joggers and strollers. Adult runners are yoked just above the hips with a belt that supports the low back and enables them to retain their standard running efficiency and form. The flexure of the connecting neck decouples the up-down motion of the activity, so both runner and kiddo enjoy a smooth, safe day on the trail.

kidRunners should be available for pre-order beginning May 2015, with a 5-month delivery lead time once orders have been accepted.

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Water Walker Underwater Treadmill

You know those dreams you have where you're trying to run towards or away from something, but you just...can't...make...your feet...move? It's like running through quicksand, or setting concrete, or...on an underwater...

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The Run Lock

$44.99 from The Run Lock »

When I run...ha! This entry is already full of lies. The last time I ran I think I was 8 and the ice cream truck was about to get away before I ordered my pink sherbet foot with the gumball toenail! So let me start again....

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BionicGym - Cardio from Your Couch

$439 from BionicGym »

The BionicGym looks like Vibration Plate meets 6-pack ab pad, but creator Louise Crowe says his leg-shaking wraps and the 500 calories per hour they can burn as you Netflix it in your easy chair or FPS game it at the...

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Mission Critical Baby Carrier for Dads

Through September 13th, 2105, click here to enter Dude's Mission Critical Baby Carrier & Daypack giveaway. It's your chance to MOLLE up those diapers, bottles & 6-month-olds with a Baby Carrier and Carrier Daypack combo...

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Go Guarded Self Defense Ring

$15.99 from Amazon »

I bought my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, a purple Brutus the Bulldog keychain to serve as her attacker ass-kicking assistant, but I'll admit when it arrived, it turned out to be a lot bigger and clunkier that...

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Skoda Man-Pram

By: Skoda »

At the end of the day, you'll still be a dude pushing around a baby...or a pomeranian...in a stroller, but at least with Skoda's Man-Pram you can mow the fuck over anyone who gives you shit about it....

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Kangoo Jumps Anti-Gravity Fitness Boots

$179 - $299 from Amazon »

Originally developed by a doctor for rehab patients with knee, hip, and back injuries, Kangoo Jump anti-gravity boots provide former runners with an option for continuing their cardiovascular torture of choice nearly...

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Runnur Hands Free Carry-All

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Hands Free Carry-All. It's like Chewbacca's bandolier meets Alan's satchel...but neither as sweet as the former nor as wholly emasculating as the latter. Runnur's shoulder-slung essentials tote somehow neutralizes...

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Self-Installing Car Seat

$499.99 from Amazon »

The 4moms self-installing car seat may not be the most sparkly, fun, or pampering gift for new moms to unwrap this holiday season, but it could prove to be the greatest they've ever received. Paired with its watchdog...

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The Shark Buggy

$342.98 from Amazon »

Maclaren's toothy Shark Buggy wins the Best Shark Merch Award for 2017. (The Animatronic Shark Costume took 2016, while 2013, 2014, and 2015 all went to the Sharkini.) Seeing a kid chillin' between the jaws of this delightful...

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Olivers All Over Short

The Olivers All Over Short is like your favorite buddy to hang with: up for anything; ready to go; and all in. These performance trunks stretch 4 ways, and have called in for bar tack reinforcements at stress points...

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Knuckle Duster Safety Bell

$25 from Amazon »

For runners, cyclists, and skaters, the Runbell provides the option of giving pedestrians and other manual motorists in your path polite notice of your presence and passing. So you don't have to yell at them, plow them...