Sphyke C3N - Bike Component Locks

By: on November 18, 2013
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Even if you're not an indignant, self-important cyclist with a $3,500 carbon fiber bike and a fat chip on your emaciated shoulder it really sucks when you lock up your manpowered transporter like a responsible citizen, only to return to it missing a wheel. Or a seat. Or everything but those two components. Sure, maybe your POS bike is worth more in insurance money than continued use, but having it stolen, either wholly or piecemeal, still leaves you stranded sans a ride home. And possibly a ride anywhere if you're someone who doesn't own a car because you're hardy, thrifty, environmentally friendly, broke, or in possession of a DUI.

Sphyke created its C3N locking system to complement standard U and and chain locks--while the latter protect the whole, members of the C3N range protect the parts of the whole. Sphyke's component locks are available for front and back wheels, plus saddles. They hold on just as tight as the mechanisms they replace (e.g., nuts) and come with mutually exclusive locks, each with industry-assigned combinations that can also be modified by the user.

C3N modules are available as front and rear wheel skewers with 6-sided cone nuts and combination locks--they replace quick release or Hex/Allen key skewers--as well as seat post security bolts, which replace existing quick release bolts. Check out the video for an installation step-by-step.

Skewer locks are made of high tensile rolled Chromoly Rod; nuts are CNC-machined from solid 10-8 steel, and can torque to 35Nm. Sphyke sells the component locks both individually and as sets.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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