SoundRacer - Sports Car Engine Effects

By: on December 27, 2014
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What childish fool would want to make his Ford Escort sound like a Ferrari 512?

Calm down, I just wrote that as a red herring because my mama was looking over my shoulder and I didn't want her to suspect that I'm about to use her credit card to buy all 4 models of SoundRacer's sports car engine simulators. They plug into your car's cigarette lighter and sync with a staticky radio station and the engine's rpms to produce realistic V8, V10, V12, or V10J vroooOOOMMM!! sounds as you drive.

A sort of Turbospoke for grownups, SoundRacer has effects for accelerating, decelerating, shifting, cruising, and idling. Check out the videos to hear some of them in action. The SoundRacer V8 should appease muscle car fans, and replicates the growls of a Shelby Mustang. V10s are for exotics lovers, taking their sounds from the Lamborghini Gallardo. The SoundRacer V12 plays Ferrari 512 roars, and the V10J the high-tech sounds of a Lexus LFA.

SoundRacer installation requires 3 steps: 1) Plug the device into your car's 12V/cigarette lighter socket; 2) Find an unused FM frequency on the stereo and set the SoundRacer's display to the same (you can also connect to the radio's AUX input); 3) Start your engine and make a short rev to about 3000 rpm and back down. A series of 3 beeps will indicate the SoundRacer has successfully synced to your car's engine.

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DrivewaySpike U-Turn Deterrents

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Is this a real problem? Or rather, is it such a big deal? People using your driveway as a turnaround. Cars getting lost or going one street too far and pulling into 20' of your pavement to correct their mistake. Since...

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Halo Sport Neurostimulation Headset

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Halo Sport suggests the latest performance-enhancing drugs aren't pills or shots. They're wearables. Technology. Halo Sport designers claim the neurostimulation headset helps athletes, musicians, surgeons, and others...

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Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle


Technically, Dodge debuted its Tomahawk, a motorcycle with 4 wheels, a Dodge Viper engine, and top speed capabilities of 420 mph, a decade ago at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Really though...

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The Fuzzbuster II

I know most of you have heard of a radar detector*. Possibly you've used one before. Maybe you've even tried the original Fuzzbuster. But whether or not you're aware of how life (and wallet and license points) saving...

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Bird of Prey Bicycle

$4,200 from Bird of Prey »

I didn't think the foam helmets and seizure-inducing neon spandex could look any more ridiculous rolling down the road, yelling at cars to get out of their lane, and then cutting into traffic at will when it suits them...

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ATLAS Throttle Lock - Cruise Control for Motorcycles

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Despite the longstanding belief of soccer moms, dudes (and ladies) on motorcycles don't always want to "gun it and make a racket right outside my house! Right after I got Asher down for a nap!" Sometimes they just want...

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The 100 MPH Bicycle

By: Donhou »

And by 100 MPH Bicycle, Donhou Cycles really means Bicycle That Has Peaked at 60 MPH on the Open Road but Could Theoretically Make It to 100. I'm not sure how that theory was developed. I think it's how fast frame builder...

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EJ Potter Chevrolet V8 Widomaker 7 Dragbike

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500 horsepower fit for a Michigan Madman. The 1971 Widowmaker 7 was built, raced, and--unlike some of the 6 before it--never crashed by drag racer EJ Potter. Also known to those who saw him in action as the "Michigan...

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BAC Mono

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Street-legal Formula 1 car for your collection? From British supercar manufacturer BAC comes a run of Monos for the wealth-blessed and speed-obsesseds' taking. These seductively futuristic road rockets combine lightweight...

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Anki DRIVE - Real World Video Game

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Artificial intelligence and robotics, the virtual reality video game and the actual reality physical game, Anki and iOS: these are the parts of Anki DRIVE that make it a whole new experience in the gaming industry. A...

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DRIVE is a watch for a MAN. In fact, I'm not sure timepieces get more MAN than Gus Petrikas' design concept. I could see this watch at home on the wrist of anyone from James Bond to LeBron James, Hugh Jackman to Captain...

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TrapTap Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

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The TrapTap could be a lifesaver. For schoolchildren. For your driving record. And mostly, for your wallet. This simple little button sticks onto your vehicle's dash and flashes red, blue, or green to warn you of speed...