Soak 'N' Wet Dunk Tank

Posted: December 31, 2014
Soak 'N' Wet Dunk Tank
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It's like an inverted Polar Bear Plunge. And the Soak 'N' Wet Dunk Tank would be the perfect way to sober up after New Year's Eve. Also ideal for making your friend Cornelius regret having passed out in your front entry vestibule.

This cheaper (albeit in construction as well as price), portable alternative to everyone's favorite Carnie and Zack-sticks-it-to-Mr.-Belding game sets up easily in the backyard for Soak 'N' Wet fun during scorching summer parties and negative windchill dares alike. Take aim with a light vinyl bean bag, try not to throw like a girl, and when you hit the bullseye you'll enjoy 5 quarts of water, or Nickelodeon slime if you've got the skills to cook some up, pouring down onto your sitting duck's head.

The Soak 'N' Wet Dunk Tank assembles easily, and with no tools required. It stands 6' high and, from the target arm to the side, 4'3" wide. It collapses into a box for storage and weighs about 25 pounds. Three vinyl bean bags are included with tank purchase.

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