RoguePak Reusable & Recylabe Reservoirs

Posted: January 15, 2016
RoguePak Reusable & Recylabe Reservoirs

Water bladders like the ones in Platypus or CamelBak packs are actually pretty great if you're into endurance-based activities. Hiking. Long bike rides. Binge watching Full House in anticipation of the Fuller House premiere. The reservoirs hold a ton of water in flexible plastic bags that slip into your backpack and provide easy access via a connected hose and bite-and-suck valve. The problem with them is that they are a total bitch to dry out and clean. You have to, like, stick hooks and coat hangers in them to hold them open and dangle them upside down, and then get special pipe cleaner tools to scrub them, and even then they're going to develop a musty smell and probably get moldy within 5 or 6 uses. And don't even think about filling the bag with something besides water.

Yeah, it's a first world problem, but you know what? We live in the first world. Where people want to solve their first world problems. RoguePak addresses this one with a series of reusable, but also disposable and recyclable, hydration cartridges. The 50-, 70-, and 100-ounce bladders come in 4-packs or 2-packs, and are compatible with most hydration backpacks currently on the market. They have large self-sealing ports to make filling easy and adding ice possible, as well as a Secure-Seal clip to keep the reservoir closed and leak-free. The bladders are reusable as many times as you want--check out the video to get a sense of RoguePak strength and durability--but also 100% recyclable when you need a new one after swapping the H2O for chocolate coconut water or Powerade for your 15-mile snowshoeing trek.

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