RockBoard Descender - Off-Road Skateboard

Posted: September 26, 2013
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While RockBoard's Descender doesn't appear to be a wheeled vehicle suitable for the protruding roots and rocky drops of mountain bike trails, if its video is to be believed, it will serve as a smooth operator for anyone who wants to roll down a grassy knoll without hitting the bottom with a mouthful of zoysia. The off-road skateboard's heavy, conveyor-belt-like rollers and sturdy treads spit in the face of restrictions terrains not birthed from asphalt and concrete place on other boards.

In addition to grass, the Descender can navigate wooded paths, snow-covered hills, and plain old roads without biting it. Presuming the rider is over 8 years old, knows how to maneuver a skateboard, and has no existing inner ear disorders.

Thanks to Manny for passing along the Dude Product Tip way back when. Manny, what's up? Where are you, dude?

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