Pocket Shot Ultrafast Slingshot

By: on August 02, 2015
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Faster than a speeding bullet! Well...not really. But faster than a speeding steel slug firing out of any other slingshot. The Pocket Shot is a next gen slingshot. At least in terms of its rate of fire and multi-projectile versatility. Design-wise it looks like one of the circa 1978 hot water bottles my grandma used to give me alongside my stuffed rabbit when I had the flu chills. However the Pocket Shot's technical achievements, such as its ability to fire anything from .4 cal paintballs to arrows at up to 350 feet per second, wouldn't exist without its antiquated aesthetic. The weapon's circular shape and soft stretchy pouch are what enables shooters to interchange ammo and fire at 2 to 3 times the rate of a standard slingshot.

Pocket Shots are recommended for hunting in addition to (safe) recreational use. When closed, they measure just 2.3" x 1.3", small enough to fit in any backpack, tackle box, or even pocket. A watertight end compartment can also store ammo. When drawn, a Pocket Shot stretches to 5" long. The end consists of a base ring, locking ring and cap, all made of noryl resins. Pouches are made of high quality latex.

Suggested Pocket Shot projectiles include 1/4" to 5/16" steel slugs, marbles, .4 cal paintballs, and Airsoft ammo. BBs are discouraged because they will tear the pouch. Pocket Shot sets include 1 x standard pouch, 1 x pro pouch.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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Falcon Slingbows

$135 - $300.95 from Falcon Slingbows »

Rattlin' Randy Riffenburgh owns the dual titles of Falcon Slingbow Creator and Falcon Slingbow Sniper. He developed the patent-pending, arrow-shooting slingshot for hunting, fishing, and target shooting. And he reigns...

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The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow

$99.98 from Simpleshot »

Archers, bowhunters, bowfishers, people who like to sling mud get one tool for all their firing needs in The Hammer. This slingshot /slingbow invites sportsmen to practice multiple shooting disciplines using its adjustable...

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Laser Slingshot

$99 from Amazon »

If you're looking for more than a ping! from your slingshot, check out this golden wonder from Assolar*. At a hefty 30+ ounces, this hunting tool comes equipped with a battery-powered laser sight that beams right and...

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Zubin Axe Survival Staff

$320 from Zubin Axe »

The Zubin is a walking stick. That can also chop firewood. Or spear a fish. Or pop my friend Cornelius in the back of the head with a slingshotted acorn. Ping! That'll teach him to walk faster than 2.7 mph. Equally appealing:...

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Marshmallow Crossbow

Mr. Stay Puft's got nothing on my Mallow Bow. Sure, he can stomp on people, toss cars, and tear down buildings, but I can dole out cavities, high blood sugar, and toothaches. Straight to the kisser from 60' away!...

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The Pocket Hammer Kit

Sold Out from Amazon »

Seen the Pocket Shot ultrafast slingshot before? This Pocket Hammer set adds a Hammer Handle for support and extra power, turning it into a formidable rubber rocket ready to fire off arrows for small game hunting or target...

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Big Bore Hunting Blowgun

$47.95 from Amazon »

This is a Cold Steel Big Bore Hunting Blowgun. It is 4' long with a 3mm barrel and target-style mouthpiece for firing .625 magnum darts. No cheap materials or shoddy assembly here either. Made of polymer, rubber, and...

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Rubber Band Gatling Gun

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Junior Devastator is an 80-shot rubber band gatling gun that "sprays rubber bands like a hose sprays water." Two points on that. 1) I wonder what Daddy Devastator looks like. 2) The JD is the third, and probably the...

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The Human Slingshot

Chest bumps, head butts, and sharp kicks to the shins unite! The Human Slingshot is here to bring new meaning to the lead-in, "Guess who I ran into the other day?" The human-sized stretchable band, 4 close friends (or...

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Y-Fork Slingshot

$99.95 from Montie Gear »

We're filing the Y-Fork Slingshot under the "Weapons" category because it is built to launch ammo up to a 1/2" ball bearing or .44 caliber lead ball. Both of which could take out a fat rabbit. Mmmm, Hasenpfeffer for Easter...

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Djubi Classic - Slingshot Catch

$25 from Amazon »

Djubi (joo-bee) Classic describes itself as a modern version of catch. It looks to me like there's a side of slingshot and lacrosse thrown in there too. If you're bored of bocce and Jarts, Djubi could be a decent addition...

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GloveShot Slingshot

$189.95 from Montie Gear »

Joerg Sprave is a force to be reckoned with in the world of slingshots. Much like I am a force to be reckoned with in the world of soft-serve ice cream consumption. His high-performance GloveShot incorporates a hand brace...