PiCycle Fixie Bike

Posted: April 23, 2018
PiCycle Fixie Bike

Dang, I missed Pi Day, and Albert Einstein's birthday, and the debut of the PiCycle fixie bike by 3.1415926535 weeks!

Nah, I really missed it by, like, 5.7142857142 weeks, but this would be a way better intro to the PiCycle if the first one were true.

Pi Studios of Amsterdam, a collaboration between Tadas Maksimovas and Martijn Koomen developed this (presumably OOAK) fixed gear bicycle in honor of International Pi Day. Fittingly, March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday. And also the name of their company. They made the out of carbon fiber molded into the fantastic shape of the mathematical pi symbol. Which works really well, actually. Nicely done, Pi dudes.

At the PiCycle's official release, Einstein himself rode the bike around the streets of Amsterdam. It looks like he had a blast. Not only is he posing tongue-out and giddy in multiple photos, but he also looks amazingly...not dead anymore.

Maybe it was the Einstein robot stepping in for the real Albert on Pi and PiCycle Day.

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