Ouija Skateboard Deck

By: on July 26, 2012
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Oh magic Ouija, am I going to wipe out and split my tibia in half today? [Excruciatingly slow movement of plastic pointer flanked by two sets of 10 fingers traveling across skateboard deck and settling in the top right corner when the word Yes is written]. Dude! You moved it!

Dude! I didn't move it!

Dude! You fucking moved it!

Dude! I didn't move it! The ancient Chinese Ouija master just knows you're a shitty skateboarder!

Dude! I'm an awesome skateboarder.

Dude! You're a hazard to yourself and those around you!

Dude! What's your problem?

Dude! You're everyone's problem. That's because every time your feet hit the deck, you're unsafe. I don't like you because you're dangerous.

That's right! Ice...man. I am dangerous.

New York-based artist and curator Scott Ogden created the Ouija Skateboard Deck as an homage to his childhood memories of skating hard and then sitting around watching girls he had a crush on giggle over the mysterious meanderings of the Ouija spirit. Most of us can recall similar experiences. Where Ogden's veers is the day he had been introduced to everyone as "Scott", and then the girls asked the Ouija board his name. Its reply: "J-A-M-E-S." When everyone laughed over the sham, Ogden's stomach did a double tuck back flip. His name is James. James Scott Ogden. Since then, his love/fear of the Ouija board has burned strong.

So for Ogden, the skateboard deck-Ouija combination was a natural one. Luckily, the board's 8" x 33" surface also lends itself well to hand-staining and extensive alpha-numeric screen printing. Decks are part of an edition of 250.

By the way, this morning I made a commitment to incorporate Top Gun into my writeups more often.

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The TRON Light Cycle


Yeah, it costs more than twice the country's 2011 median income, but two little words make it worth every penny: Street. Legal. If you can convince the bank, or your mom, to spot you the cash, a living, breathing replica...

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Mosquito XE Single Seat Helicopter

$34k - $41k from Composite FX »

Composite FX's single seat helicopter is definitely the first mosquito I've ever seen that I don't want to squash between my hands, or watch fly right into a zapper. The company's XE line of Mosquito choppers is intended...

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RYNO One Wheel Motorcycle

$5,295 from RYNO Motors »

Ever wanted to pop a perpetual wheelie? Well get ready, 'cause RYNO Motors is in production and set for the 2012 US release of two tiers of its self-balancing, single-wheeled, shit-stirring beast of a motorcycle. OK...

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License Plate Frame Flipper

$155 from Amazon »

The License Plate Frame Flipper automatic mechanism that rotates your license plates at the press of a button. And why would you have 2 license plates you need to alternate between? Uh, because you're the next James Bond....

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$50k from Hoverbike »

The Hoverbike is what happens when one really wants to be a superhero, but really needs to figure out a way to more efficiently herd cattle. Aussie Chris Malloy has created a prototype for this motorcycle-helicopter hybrid...

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The WalkCar - Laptop-Sized Super Car

$1,280 from Cocoa Motors »

Tokyo-based Cocoa Motors refers to its forthcoming WalkCar personal transporter as "the world's smallest car," and a "laptop-sized super car," and are you thinking what I'm thinking? Was something lost in translation...

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BW650 Motorcycle

You might have seen Daryl Dixon riding around your TV on a Classified Moto build. And like their Walking Dead Motorcycle, the company's BW650 is a stylized, sick, and even sexy beast....

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Jeep Adventure Tires

By: Jeep »

If you thought nothing could beat off-roading on the weekends, imagine this: off-roading on-road during your weekly commutes and leisurely drives around the 'burbs. Jeep Germany's new Adventure Tires, on sale starting...

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Knight XV Fully Armored SUV

Conquest purports to marry "ultra-luxurious" with "fully-armored" in its forthcoming handcrafted SUV, the Knight XV. Historically, this type of marriage has not ended well (see: the reigns of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette;...

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Cyclotron Spokeless Smart Bicycle

$1,125 - $3,038 from Cyclotron Cycles »

For all the Sam Flynns out there who need more exercise, you'll soon be able to trade in your electric Light Cycles for pedal-powered Cyclotrons on your joyrides and daily commutes. The self-described "Future of Cycling"...

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ViperSwiper Side Window Wiper

$19.99 from ViperSwiper »

Your car comes ready to sssswipe the rain and fog off your front windshield, game to sssswipe it off the back, but what about the vissssibility and blind sssspots at your ssssides? ViperSwipers are poly-rubber strip side...

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LumiSign Custom LED License Plate Frame

$39.99 from Amazon »

Put your name - or your opinions - in lights. The LumiSign is an LED license plate frame that lights up for 3 seconds whenever you brake if you put it on the back of your car, or accelerate if you install it on the front....