Morpher Flat-Folding Helmet

Posted: November 10, 2017
Morpher Flat-Folding Helmet

If not crushing your skull in a crash isn't reason enough for you cyclists to wear a bike helmet, take a look at the additional lures the Morpher flat-folding helmet is offering up. Namely, a helmet that folds flat.

Flat enough that you can tuck a Morpher into your backpack or messenger without making the bag all bulbous and cumbersome and unzippable. It might be the one helmet that aligns the reasons you commute on a bicycle in the first place: it's portable, convenient, and way easier to find a place to park.

Though Morpher helmets open and close flat, the company says its performance and safety ratings are the same as standard, rigid helmets. They created the Morpher in the first place to encourage cyclist safety by making carrying and wearing a helmet less of a hassle.

Morpher uses an integral fit system, so all helmets are adjustable and certified to fit heads with a circumference of 20.5" to 22.8". They come in black, red, and white.

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