Litelok Flexible Bike Lock

Posted: August 29, 2017
Litelok Flexible Bike Lock
$109.87 - $206.82
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Flexible, lightweight, and inordinately strong, the Litelok could have been a gymnast, but decided to take the more practical professional route of becoming an anti-theft bodyguard for bicycles. The gold-rated bike lock looks like a tightly woven mesh belt, but its designers say the bendable, loopable security system protects can withstand cable cutter, bolt cropper, and hacksaw attacks for over 5 minutes before succumbing to cuts or breaks.

This is significant because the Litelok, unlike thick chains and cables, weighs just 2.4 pounds, and, unlike D or U locks, gives cyclists a wide range of bike tie-up options. You can watch a (very long) video of Litelok vs. a range of common theft aids in the image gallery's video above.

Litelok clicks to lock without its key, which you'll need only to unlock it. You can also purchase a pair of twin Liteloks that unlock with the same key if you like securing your bike at 2 locations, want to make an extra long Litelok, or know your friend Cornelius is going to "forget" his monster chain lock at home, and then not want to stop for waffle ice cream sandwiches on the ride back.

Liteloks come with 3 keys and 2 hook and loop WrapStraps for affixing them to your bike frame when not in use. Choose from Crow Black, Boa Green, or Herringbone colors.

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