Krainkn Skate/Snowboard Hybrid

By: on August 13, 2012
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Krainkn creator Kevin Rains originally designed his tube-and-handle skateboard attachment as a means of teaching kids to skate. A few gnarly runs later, he realized the simple device not only helps beginners maintain their connection to and stability on the board, but also enables advanced skaters to do some fairly sick jumps and tricks normally reserved for boards on the ski slopes. Krainkn, a skateboarding-snowboarding hybrid--and entire sport unto itself, according to Rains--was born.

The basic Krainkn attachment ($55) includes a pair of wedges, 18" latex tubes, and handles that screw-mount onto virtually any 7-layer maple skateboard deck. Newbies can use the added support to hone their balance, weight distribution, and maneuvering skills, while experienced daredevils--and short-bus-riding pain mongers looking to go viral on YouTube or win a Web Redemption segment on Tosh.0--will opt for the spins, twists, and jumps those who partake in Krainkn say feel like snowboarding without the snow. And cumbersome gear. And cold-ass temperatures. And horrendously expensive lift tickets.

Upgraded Krainkn kits that include skateboard decks are available in Junior (29" x 7-1/2" deck; $120) and adult (32" x 8-1/2"; $135) sizes, with assembly required. For $175 and $190, the Complete Set for juniors and adults respectively will add 4, 52-mm wheels, a pair of trucks, and 8 bearings. Fully-assembled Krainkn packages run $195 to $210.

Rains' play to make Krainkn a fixture on the streets of America began its Kickstarter run today, August 13th, and runs through September 27, 2012. He needs to raise $15,000 for successful funding and procession to production (manufacturing, design, and assembly will all be kept on US soil). Estimated delivery date is October 2012.

November 2013 Update: Although the Krainkn did not meet its crowdfunding goal, it is available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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