In-Ground Trampoline Kit

By: on May 22, 2016

Drugs & alcohol, bullies, gluten--parents have got a lot of evils to worry about as they raise their children these days. So I get why a lot of them are anti-trampoline. Why add flying off a spring-loaded canvas bed and cracking one's skull open to the list of kid concerns?

Because, Daaaaaad, they're so fuuuuuunnnn! Please, pleasepleaseplease can we get one?

Here, Trampolines Down Under has made a move to help parents retain the love and admiration of their children, without relinquishing all control over whether or not those children's bones and brains remain intact. The TDU system features an in-ground retaining wall insert that brings the trampoline top and its bouncy-bouncy good time down to ground level.

These in-ground trampolines have surface areas and spring setups similar to traditional trampolines, but instead of legs and posts, they install around the circumference of TDU's wall. The patented wall kit is made of lightweight Polyethylene molding and has a self-locking buckle system that enables consumers to snap it together in just a few minutes. (Note: Digging the hole to put it in in your back yard will probably take a little longer.)

Once in place, the retaining wall is designed to accommodate movement of the overlying surface without letting it collapse under the trampoline. It also preserves a flush transition from the trampoline ring to the adjacent ground so it won't interfere with your lawn care rituals.

In addition to looking kinda cool, an in-ground trampoline is obviously intended to reduce associated injuries. While not completely eliminated as a possibility, falls to the ground are less likely, and if they do happen, it will be from a much lower height. And the TDU system does get rid of any chance of injury from kids walking or rolling under the trampoline while others are jumping.

Oh, and if you live in an area that gets tornadoes or regular wind storms, you won't have to worry about Angry Mother Nature carrying your trampoline away.

The complete TDU trampoline kit includes a 14' trampoline and vented safety pad (the latter facilitates airflow and drainage, and won't get hot to the touch during summer scorchers), and a 14' TDU retaining wall system.

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