Hybrid Stand Up/Sit Down Paddleboard

By: on December 04, 2014
$599.99 - $849.98
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Stand up paddleboarding is super fun! Unless you lack the balance, core strength, and stamina of an Olympic athlete, in which case it's super fun for the first 15 minutes, and a shit show of falling into water, heaving yourself back out of the water, and hoping your back will only hurt for the next month or so for the remaining 75. That's why I kind of like Ocean Kayak's Nalu. Because I really like sitting on my ass, and this hybrid stand up/sit-on-top paddleboard facilitates that state of being for me.

At 11' long, the Nalu is a stable and maneuverable board that serves standers and sitters with equal enthusiasm. Rather than a typical flat platform/surfboard design, this hybrid has hollowed out a set of padded foot wells and a molded-in seating area for comfortable use on either two feet or two cheeks. It also features a wave-piercing displacement style bow and broad planning hull with integral tri-fin to make coasting through oceans and rivers an easy task from both positions, and for any skill level. The Nalu SUP is highly recommended for beginners and people who are active but cannot stand for long periods of time, plus for use on days with a lot of wind or otherwise choppy waters.

A bungee system on the stern deck serves as onboard storage and 2 side-mounted carry handles help transport the boat/board, as well as aid users climbing onto it from the water. The Nalu is made of virtually indestructible polyethylene. It weighs 44 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 225 to 275 pounds.

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See Through Bottom Canoe

Sold Out from Amazon »

Ahhh. It's a see-through canoe/kayak that seats two and provides the perfect setting for a romantic, yet adventurous date of paddling the high seas and taking in all of its technicolored fishies, regally swaying anemones...

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Jetfoiler Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard

I'm about to Jetfoiler your plans to learn to surf this summer, because Kai Concepts has stuck a hydrofoil under a surfboard and added an electric motor to create a wild-looking water toy and transporter that's probably...

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Pakayak - Packable Kayak

You won't be able to glide through the salty sea in a Pakayak this summer, but you should at least be able to pledge your loyalty to what the company is calling the world's first nesting kayak. The Pakayak's Kickstarter...

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Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard

By: Fitzke »

Fitzke begins its foray into paddleboard builds with a nod to airplanes and illicit booze. The Bootlegger SUP is designed after prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 20s....

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Adventure Gear Camping Trailer

$8,995 from SylvanSport »

I bet that lady making such frequent and variable use of her SylvanSport GO camping trailer wishes the family and friends who are going to enjoy its 4 air mattresses, bed and table panels, rear awning, and abundant storage...

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Hammocraft Floating Hammock Frames

Lazy afternoon in the hammock meets float trip with a coupla coolers of beer and 3 of your best friends. Grab the Bud Light Lime, call Cornelius, Victor, and TJ, and prepare to launch the Hammocraft....

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WaterBlade Stingray Motorized Stand Up Paddleboard

$2,399 from Amazon »

Whoa, the WaterBlade Stingray has a lot more than stand up paddleboard going on. Where to start with this rideable surface glider?...

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Solo Skiff Fishing Kayak

$1,850 from Solo Skiff »

Those times you just wanna motor / row / paddle away from it all and cast a line? Solo Skiff feels you. And feels it can serve you well however you choose to get yourself there. The hybrid boat is one-piece seamless motorized...

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SCUBAJET Underwater Scooter

$1,400 - $1,750 from SCUBAJET »

SCUBAJET is a new underwater scooter for propelling your person while diving. You can also attach the water jet to small watercraft, such as a stand up paddleboard, canoe, or kayak. No word yet on whether or now it's...

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Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft

$18,500 - $28k from Quadrofoil »

Here's your chance to jet across the water on an architectural insect. With the Quadrofoil you can do it quietly and without injecting carbon-based fuels into the subsurface ecosystem too. This personal watercraft operates...

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Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

$39.99 from Amazon »

Kids, Clear Bottom Rafts & Cartilaginous Creatures: it's a Shark Week Special - don't miss it!...

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NOCQUA 2000 LED Light System

$399.99 from NOCQUA »

I bet slumbering sea life are gonna love getting a shot of over 1,000 lumens of light in the eye post nightfall. Seriously. It will help the ones who need to get up and take a leak find the bathroom. As for the rest...