GloveShot Slingshot

By: on October 30, 2012
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Joerg Sprave is a force to be reckoned with in the world of slingshots. Much like I am a force to be reckoned with in the world of soft-serve ice cream consumption. His high-performance GloveShot incorporates a hand brace to allow for increased stability and aim, plus the use of bands with higher pull weight. Also, bracing against the back of the hand instead of the forearm slides the GloveShot into law abiding weaponship in some states that have banned slingshots that brace against the forearm. Cha-ching! Always a beautiful day in the neighborhood when someone finds a viable way to circumvent the law!

The implications of the GloveShot's back-o'-the-hand brace are that the slingshot sports a horizontal handle, and projectiles fire over the top of the hand, so aiming and firing positions look more like lining up a bow and arrow. The weapon's three main components bond together with 4 stainless steel pins and 2 stainless check nuts, the latter of which may be unscrewed for quick disassembly. This construction also allows for a flip of the handle to configure the slingshot for righties or lefties. Standard 16-pound pull weight flat bands return the traditional, high-performance accuracy distributor Montie Gear claims in all of its slingshots, but since the GloveShot is equipped for higher weight band fittings, purchasing a double flat band will enable a pull weight of 30 to 35 pounds.

GloveShots have a waterjet-cut aluminum frame and a paracord with a 550-pound breaking strength that wraps the slingshot and brace. All parts are made in the US, with product fabrication in North Carolina. Available colors include Digital Woodland Camo, Digital Desert Camo, Black, and, awww, ladies and metrosexuals, Pink.

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The Best Gifts for Outdoor Adventures

Recipients of the Best Gifts for Outdoor Adventures are the types who'd trade 4 walls for 4,000 feet, smart home devices for the smarts to build a home when left to their own devices, and a weekend Netflix binge for a...

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M4 180lb Tactical Crossbow

Sold Out from Amazon »

Stealth. Stamina. Sniper sight. And that's just the M4 Tactical Crossbow itself. Like, before taking into account the litany of powerful, valiant, not-to-be-F'd-with characteristics Cornelius and I will bring to the table...

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The World's First Smart Rifle

$22,500 - $27,500 from TrackingPoint »

Taking top honors in the category of Yo That's Crazy and Moderately Disturbing but I Guess It Was Gonna Happen Sometime: TrackingPoint's PGF. Precision. Guided. Firearm. It's fighter-jet-style, lock-and-launch technology...

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Wasp Gas Injection Knife

$499.95 from Wasp »

And a watermelon takes it in the gut again. Like so many other weapons demos we've seen around here (Gotcha Cap, Throwing Card Knives), the effects of the Wasp air injection knife have been exacted upon a watermelon....

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The TAC-SAC Rail Accessory

$39.99 from Tac Sac »

Last time me and my friend Cornelius played paintball he kept getting nailed and hiding and whining like a little goat until finally everyone was like, Dude, you need to grow a pair! And he was all, Dude! It's not me...

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Falcon Slingbows

$135 - $300.95 from Falcon Slingbows »

Rattlin' Randy Riffenburgh owns the dual titles of Falcon Slingbow Creator and Falcon Slingbow Sniper. He developed the patent-pending, arrow-shooting slingshot for hunting, fishing, and target shooting. And he reigns...

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Crosman Pioneer Airbow

$849 from Crosman »

If you're a big game hunter living in Arizona*, you are Crosman Golden. It's the only state in the US where there's a season for pursuing just about every species of big game on the Crosman docket with the company's forthcoming...

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ShotGlass Rifle Shooting Glasses

$995 from TrackingPoint »

Last year TrackingPoint's smart rifle system, the PGF, got a lot of attention. It also got a lot of skepticism and just about as much heat as it packs. Now the Precision Guided Firearm is getting a little Google Glass-ish...

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Great Outdoors

Just you, the squirrels, the trees, and a 42" Chinese dadao flat ground to an edge that could take them all out in one fell swoop! That's the Great Outdoors I'm talkin' about!...

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The $20,000 Invisible Man Kit

$20k from Optics Planet »

Optics Planet, the same purveyor of hunting, sport optics, tactical, military, and all-around Man Gear that brought us the $24,000 Z.E.R.O. Zombie Apocalypse Kit, is now testing Alpha interest in another supernatural...

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The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow

$99.98 from Simpleshot »

Archers, bowhunters, bowfishers, people who like to sling mud get one tool for all their firing needs in The Hammer. This slingshot /slingbow invites sportsmen to practice multiple shooting disciplines using its adjustable...

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Urban Warrior 1/4 Mile Potato Gun Cannon

Sold Out from Amazon »

I'm feeling 4th of July withdrawal. No more fireworks to blow up. But I remember potato guns from grade school, and even a giant homemade potato gun my high school physics teacher made that could shoot entire russets...