EVELO Electric Bicycles

By: on August 22, 2015
$2,069 - $3,024
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One brother did it for his wife. The other brother did it for his country. Yevgeniy and Boris Mordkovich co-founded EVELO electric bicycles both to close the gap between cycling skill levels and to address the enormous pain in the ass that has become driving a car in any major city in America.

Yevgeniy enjoyed cycling with his wife, but at different strengths they found it difficult to ride alongside one another, or go on longer rides. An electric bike would give her a speed or endurance boost when she needed it. Boris was living in San Francisco and working on a rideshare concept when he began noticing that car ownership, once a status symbol, could now just as easily be described as a hassle. The brothers got together and EVELO, a line of electric bikes that still look and feel like standard commuters and cruisers, became the newest members of the Mordkovich family.

The foundation of EVELO's electric designation is its patented mid-drive motor system (20 mph max speed). Available in high-torque standard 250-watt or SuperCharged 500-watt units, the system propels riders over tricky terrain and helps them pedal farther. It is virtually silent and promises to kick in seamlessly when activated. The Mordkoviches say EVELO's mid-drive design trumps traditional hub motors because it enables riders to continue their use of all the bike's gears; again, you'll get more range and better power on hill climbs. The mid-drive motor system is also lightweight and compact; it adds no resistance and should be entirely unnoticeable when not in use.

EVELO electric bicycles come with a choice of two battery options. The Standard is a 36V, 10Ah (or 48V, 10Ah with 500W motor) lithium-polymer and lithium-ion that run for up to 40 miles in pedal-assist or 20 miles in electric-only mode. Upgraded 36V, 17Ah (48V, 14.5Ah) Panasonic Extended-Range batteries increase each of those ranges by 50%.

Pedal Only, Pedal Assist and Electric Only modes are controlled via a panel device on the handlebars. Pedal Only = no electric assistance. Pedal Assist = motor activation only when the pedals are turned (e.g., uphill but not downhill). Electric Only = EVOLO chauffeuring you around like a scooter.

EVELO currently offers 4 electric bike styles, 3 commuter and 1 cruiser. The company also champions fair, transparent pricing. They explain why their line of bikes falls into that category here.

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Vibrating Bicycle Seat

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A heads up to politicians and city planners: stop wasting your money on bike lanes, tax incentives, and PSA campaigns. All you need do to persuade your constituents to trade in cars for bicycles on their morning commute...

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Vycle Bicycle Elevator

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On the Vycle you won't go Tour de France fast or Tour de France graceful (heh, heh, check it out) but seated atop this human-powered elevator, you will go all out Y-axis on a bicycle....

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Bird of Prey Bicycle

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I didn't think the foam helmets and seizure-inducing neon spandex could look any more ridiculous rolling down the road, yelling at cars to get out of their lane, and then cutting into traffic at will when it suits them...

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Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

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The 100 MPH Bicycle

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And by 100 MPH Bicycle, Donhou Cycles really means Bicycle That Has Peaked at 60 MPH on the Open Road but Could Theoretically Make It to 100. I'm not sure how that theory was developed. I think it's how fast frame builder...

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ONDA Cycle

ONDA terms itself a recumbent stunt bike/trike that can also be used to commute to work. Commute to work? What am I, the imp from Game of Thrones? Cee Lo Green? I'm not willingly placing a 3-foot-high version of myself...

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Bike Mine Exploding Anti-Theft Alarm

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Bike Mine is a thing that makes you go boommm! At least if you're a dirty thief trying to make off with a dude's bicycle or motorcycle (or boat or jet ski if you live the kind of high rollin' life where that's a risk.)...

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Paravelo Flying Bicycle

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Litelok Flexible Bike Lock

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