DZR Cycling Sneakers

Posted: September 08, 2018
DZR Cycling Sneakers
$49 - $149
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As enjoyable as it is for me to watch commuting cyclists duck walk and click, click, click around the front lobby of my office building with giant bike pedal cleats protruding from the balls of their feet, I'll bet owning a pair of DZR cycling sneakers would be a more enjoyable experience for them.

DZR makes cycling sneakers that look and act like sneakers both on and off the bike. But cutout chambers in the soles of the shoes also house the SPD cleats that make it much easier to pedal when during the on parts. Once you're finished riding, you have the option of covering your cleats in a DZR plate made with your sneaker sole material so you can continue wearing them, and walking normally, throughout your day.

DZR created their cycling shoes because they "believe that a cyclist's life should be a seamless transition from work, commute, bar, trail, home or anywhere you end up." All of their sneakers (and they have ladies' shoes and boots too) are limited edition, first-run issues that ultimately sell out and get replaced with new DZR designs.

In addition to style, DZR says their cycling sneakers achieve equal parts comfort and performance thanks to their variable flex shank technology. Shoes have a full-length nylon midsole / shank with stiffness distributed thoughtfully throughout. This allows for both full power transfer while pedaling and flexibility while walking. DZR clip-in shoes are SPD compatible with Shimano and CrankBros cleats, which the company also sells (separately) in their online store. You can also buy flat pedal DZR cycling sneakers - no cleat chamber, but made with stiffened midsoles and counter-gripped rubber outsoles.

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