Carbon Fiber Frisbee

By: on June 04, 2013

If you have $75 and the desire to slice 10" of carbon fiber through the air, Tyler Seamons has an official flying saucer of summertime for you. Pending successful project funding on Kickstarter, his frisbee and golf-style disc prototypes will undergo some edge and finishing refinements in their final stages, so the ultimate result will be a sleek black pancake of a ninja suitable for all ultimate pursuits.

The Disc golf carbon fiber driver's design will allow it to cover long distances while the frisbee version's will spin over shorter ranges and include a lip for catching. Both discs are to be edged with polyurethane plastic for protection, and weighted according to industry standards.

The Carbon Fiber disc/frisbee funding period runs through August 3, 2013.

November 2013 Update: Disc funding was unsuccessful, and at present it does not appear that its creator has proceeded with producing it for the public.

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Carbon Fiber Daggers

$78 - $99 from Carbon Fiber Gear »

The Escort series of carbon fiber daggers is not meant for cutting. It's meant for stabbing. That statement did not even stem from my powers of deduction, but directly from the manufacturer's literature. Aerospace grade...

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Carbon Fiber Fanny Pack

$249 from Common Fibers »

Common Fibers knows carbon fiber. Common Fibers knows the 1980s. And one look at the The Coolest Fanny--aka The Manny Pack--aka The CF2--and you know Common Fibers. Knows. Men. I for one have never wanted anything so...

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Hammock Bathtub

Usually when people describe themselves they inflate the truth or do that reverse psychology trick where they say a bunch of self-deprecating things in an effort to convey the opposite meaning. In both cases they would...

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TUMI CFX Southington Carbon Fiber Backpack

$1,100 from Amazon »

It's not bulletproof, but TUMI's Southington Backpack does have a carbon fiber construction and ID Lock features strong enough to protect your tech and gear from the dangers of the daily commute....

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Flingons Flingable Magnetic Stress Toys

$34.99 from Amazon »

Flingons look like miniature boomerangs, but the twist here is that when you throw them they don't come back. They stick with great projectile prowess to any metal surface you toss them at, or to one another....

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Stetson Carbon Fiber Fedora

Know when I could have used a carbon fiber fedora? Nope, that's not a question dripping in sarcasm whose answer is "Never." I really could have used a carbon fiber fedora last week when my girlfriend dragged me to some...

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VFO - Frisbee with Mounted Camera

$59.99 from Amazon »

The VFO - that's Video Flying Object - is a frisbee with a 720p HD video camera mounted to the top. At 30 frames per second, the camera will record your disc's takeoffs, flights, and catches, giving you an FPV perspective...

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CarbonLite Carbon Fiber Wrenches

$139.95 from CarbonLite Tools »

Who wants the same kind of carbon fiber used to build F1 race cars and spaceships also used to build the tools used to build carbon fiber F1 race cars and spaceships? CarbonLite calls its carbon fiber wrenches "the next...

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Dai Sensei Japanese Kitchen Knife

Sold Out from Amazon »

Dai Sensei means "Grand Master" in Japanese, and that's presumably what this fusion of a Japanese blade and a French chef's knife will make the kitchen warrior who wields it. (Note: Knowing proper knife skills, such as...

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Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coaster Set

Sold Out from Amazon »

These Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coasters are light, fast, and slick. Which is exactly what I myself am going to be long about the 6th beer I set on one of them this 4th of July weekend....

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Mosler RaptorGTR

$700k from RaptorGTR »

The Mosler RaptorGTR compares itself to the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and Lamborghini Aventador. But only to point out that, in terms of power-to-weight ratio, it is better than both of them. (Though in terms of marketing...

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Sky Bouncer - Bouncing Frisbee

$11 from Amazon »

Great. Now when I don't catch the frisbee not only is it going to hit me in the face, it's going to hit me in the face and then bounce off up to 25 feet. The Sky Bouncer flies like a disc but ricochets off walls, floors...