Butterfly Knife Trainer

Posted: October 16, 2016
Butterfly Knife Trainer
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Practice makes perfect. When it comes to this Butterfly Knife Trainer, practice also makes fewer 911 calls and eyepatches. Between a pair of lightweight skeletonized handles lies a dull blade ideal for training spins, rolls, flips, and smooth-as-Bond holsters without injuring yourself, your girlfriend's walls, or your girlfriend's cat Zanzibar.

The Butterfly Knife is made from aluminum with a black splash finish. It uses a pin construction method to preclude loose screws. Overall length is 9", handle length is 5", and "blade" length is 4".

Hone your spinning skills with the Butterfly Knife Trainer and you'll be able to throw it down like these dudes, as well as probably whip it out and flip it 'round for the ladies at only a 15% chance of getting slapped or nut-punched, instead of the standard 90% that normally accompanies such actions.

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