Bulk Wrestling Jello

By: on July 27, 2014
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I was just thinking the other day that I could stand for a good round of co-ed jello wrestling. But when I started doing the calculations to figure out how many boxes of gelatin-forming strawberry granules I'd need to fill my backyard swimmin' hole, I realized...I'm really shitty at math. It would definitely be way more cardboard and little paper sacks than I'm willing to paper cut myself opening though. And what a waste to spend all day filling a giant inflatable pool with red Jell-O only to be sidelined by lacerations when the 39" x 25" x 36" girls responding to my open Craig's List invite show up to use it.

However, after 30+ years of lazing around waiting for other people to do stuff for me, I have learned that where there's a problem, some go-getter type will always figure out a solution from which I can profit. Here, it's the Jello Wrestling Package. A giant bag of jello crystals ready for gelatinization, each Jello Wrestling Package makes up to 100 gallons of tussle-quality jello. Just dump its contents into an empty pool, mix with 100 gallons of water, crack a beer, and wait for the product to set. No stirring for 9 years to get the crystals to dissolve, and no precarious transfer of liquid from countertop to fridge. Also, to accommodate all 4 seasons, water can be added either hot or cold.

Whoa. Jello hot tub in January. Mind blown.

Jello Wrestling Packages are filled with a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-staining formula. That said, this J-E-L-L-O is intended for roughhousing and other jiggly shenanigans only. Please do not eat it.

Jello Wrestling Packages are a top Dude Gift for a Party pick.

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Luchadores Thumb Wrestling Thumb Covers

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Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed

The Zerobody is a sensory deprivation float tank that removes the one major P in the A side effect of floating: getting wet. (True, drowning is kind of a pain too, but most of these tanks have only about a foot of water...

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LEGO Strip Club

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She's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out! She's a brick...uh...minifig. The lady's stacked with a plastic rack, gonna give The LEGO Group a heart attack. She's a brick.....

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Modpools - Shipping Container Swimming Pools

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Make It Rain Cash Cannon

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I've heard the saying "Make it rain" was coined in the strip clubs of Atlanta. This rainmaking enabler called the Cash Cannon, however, appears to hail from New York. Maybe the singles sprayer will create a brotherly...

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Inflatable Floating Bathtub

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i-sopod Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

I used to have a membership to a sensory deprivation tank club (because I am both fancy and bored). What happens is you go into a private room, get naked, and then climb in these completely enclosed, completely pitch...

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NautBoard Handheld Towable

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The NautBoard is dolphin to the power of jet ski. This twin-peaked towable ties up to your favorite motored vessel just like a raft or water ski rope, but rather than zipping you along well above the water's surface as...

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Kingii Flotation Wristband

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Even strong swimmers get tired. And if you doggie paddle into an unexpected current, or get separated from your waterfaring vessel, life jacket or not you may have some trouble getting yourself back to shore. Tom Agapiades...

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Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole

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