Bubble Soccer Battle Balls

By: on September 13, 2014
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When I first saw these bubble soccer balls for sale I thought of the Human Slingshot. Of accidents waiting to happen. Of Darwin Awards. But apparently this is a sport that has been around Europe for a while, and is beginning its rise in popularity elsewhere in the world. According to Battle Balls, maker of these inflatable bubbles o' body bashing, the Germans call it Loopyball, and other European countries call it bubble football, and it all started as a joke acted out by 2 dudes on a Norwegian comedy sports show. Thanks to YouTube their skit then "spread across Europe like warm Nutella."

Now both individuals looking to pass Saturday afternoons rolling, flipping, and ramming one another in the yard, or teams interested in starting a bubble soccer league, can cough up wads of cash--big wads, these aren't cheap--for their own Battle Balls.

The equipment itself is made of 0.8mm thick PVC plastic, inflatable into spheres with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps for leverage and so that balls won't go flying upon impact. The listing here shows Battle Balls' 1.5 diameter size, though the company does sell smaller versions for shorter users. Fill time ranges from 2-1/2 to 4 minutes and can be done using pretty much any inflation pump with a 2.8 psi fill capacity, or even a shop vac.

Battle Ball use and bubble soccer endeavors are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Check out the video to find out why.

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Play with Your Food Sports Mugs

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Sports mugs with nets and baskets and goalposts and gloves to flick food into? Weeeee! As if marshmallows in hot chocolate and Fritos in chili weren't fun enough before!...

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Nevermind where can I get some Bunch O Balloons, the better question is where can I get two kids as calm, as pleasant, and as capable of doing heavy manual labor as the pair in the video? Did you see that little blonde...

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Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

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Socc'er in the bullseye, kid. This giant inflatable soccer dartboard might not be as spooky as a 12' inflatable animated spider for the Halloween party, but it will hold all the boys' and girls' - and their parents' -...

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Swivel Vision Athletic Training Goggles

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I don't know how well Swivel Vision Athletic Training Goggles are at focusing and training athletic vision, but I do know that if the learning curve of wearing them involves getting nailed in the face with a fastball...

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Panama Banana Lounger & Soccer Goal

Net a few kicks with the round one, and then recover from the exertion with the cold one in Agota Rimsaite's Panama Banana, a soccer goal that turns 90 degrees into a hammock-style rocking lounger. Throw in a side of...

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Contropiede Transparent Foosball Table

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I wonder if the Contropiede Foosball Table's removal of color and opacity will make it easier or harder to keep my eye on the ball. (So I don't screw the game up for all the other kids who are trying to develop their...

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Inflatable Human Foosball Table

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The little plastic men make it look so easy. I'm not sure how much demand there could be out there for an inflatable human foosball arena, but if that's what bounces your house, EZ Inflatables is all set to blow up your...

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Kicks, spikes, flips, and...trampolines. Nothing bad's gonna happen here! Belgian Filip Eyckmans developed the concept for Bossaball about a decade ago when he was living in Spain and, I guess, jonesing to play all his...

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The Human Slingshot

Chest bumps, head butts, and sharp kicks to the shins unite! The Human Slingshot is here to bring new meaning to the lead-in, "Guess who I ran into the other day?" The human-sized stretchable band, 4 close friends (or...

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Capture the Flag REDUX

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The strategy, stealth, and teamwork required for success in capture the flag become even more crucial when you REDUX the game and add...darkness! Capture the Flag REDUX modernizes and adds LED lights to the traditional...

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Foosball Coffee Table

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I prefer to use my coffee table to play old school Nintendo, but I understand there are some out there even older school than I am who are more down with using theirs to play foosball. By the way, to those under the age...

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Star Wars Death Star Soccer Ball

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Talk about taking one for the team. I wouldn't kick that thing. I'd gingerly pick it up, tuck it under my arm, and run for my life as it rained yellow cards. The Death Star soccer ball is a limited edition release, part...