Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

By: on August 30, 2015
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Corridor Digital made a live action Mario Kart YouTube video. Maybe you've seen it? (Click play above if not.) Last week, Dude reader Bailey B. product tipped us off about both the video and the longboard Corridor Digital used to bring Luigi and his quest to outscore his brother to life: the Boosted Dual+, a 2,000-watt electric skateboard.

According to Boosted Boards, "Your hoverboard has finally arrived." Hmmm. I think there might be some exaggerated ad speak going on there. But. iIf the Mario Kart video action does translate 1:1 onto your own street, it's true that Boosted's 2K power and onboard sensors will have you and your longboard cruising along smoother than a fresh jar a hairy nipple on wax day.

The Dual+ Longboard uses a lithium battery, 3 onboard microprocessors, and speed/power sensors controlled via a handheld Bluetooth remote to adjust speeds up to 22 mph. As a safety precaution, Boosted has also designed the board's speedometer to start capped off at 10mph. As your game improves and you master navigation through Level Empty Parking Lot and Level Suburban Streets, you'll be able unlock higher speeds, all the way up to the 22mph max.

Boosted Boards have flexible bamboo decks (Loaded) and compliant wheels (Orangatang). From carving to uphill acceleration, the Dual+ handling and torque are precise and strong enough to conquer it all. The longboard has an average range of 7 miles. Total weight is 13.5 pounds, light enough for role reversal during times you need to carry it.

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The WalkCar - Laptop-Sized Super Car

$1,280 from Cocoa Motors »

Tokyo-based Cocoa Motors refers to its forthcoming WalkCar personal transporter as "the world's smallest car," and a "laptop-sized super car," and are you thinking what I'm thinking? Was something lost in translation...

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ONDA Cycle

ONDA terms itself a recumbent stunt bike/trike that can also be used to commute to work. Commute to work? What am I, the imp from Game of Thrones? Cee Lo Green? I'm not willingly placing a 3-foot-high version of myself...

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Hovertrax Auto-Balancing Transporter

$995 from Inventist »

The Hovertrax has no learning curve and requires no skills to use, which is good because you can bet that if I'm too lazy to walk myself down the street or hallway, I am definitely too lazy to learn how to use a complex...

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Wheelman 50cc Gas-Powered Skateboard

Sold Out from Amazon »

Wheelman on the street. Wheelman on the grass. Wheelman on the beach. Wheelman past the Pee-wee Herman-clad cyclists at a whopping 26 mph. Oh what's that, padded spandex ass? Yeah, my speed is generated by a 50cc 2-stroke...

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$3,775 from Hoverboard »

"Hoverboard meets Tesla" sounds a lot better than "one-wheeled electric transporter" so inventor Robert Bigler went with it. His Hoverboard Technologies is running a Kickstarter campaign for their personal roller, which...

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Big-O Stunt Skates

Despite their being shaped like big Os, I'm not sure about Big-O as a name for these stunt skates. I'm pretty sure if I were to try them, the words "Big O" would not be at the forefront of my mind. I'd call mine Big I...

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INU Folding Electric Scooter

$3,288 from INU »

The INU sounds cool. It's a completely connected folding scooter configured to send text messages, make a road movie, or take a selfie right from the handlebars. The folding mechanism is automatic and smartphone-controlled...

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$6,500 from GolfBoard »

I'm sure serious, elitist golfers have long been wondering when their posh country clubs were going to figure out a way to incorporate skateboarding into their rolling 18 holes of pristine greens. Well, lads, this is...

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The Longboard Stroller

The Longboard Stroller: the future of kids and mobility. The Longboard Stroller: because every kid deserves to eat pavement at the hands of a parent who didn't see the raised edge in the sidewalk. The Longboard Stroller:...

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The Lunicycle

$149 from Amazon »

Manually operated! No lithium ion batteries! Won't catch on fire! (Unless for your next act you will Lunicycle through a wall of fire!) The Lunicycle comes from Inventist, the same company that makes the Solowheel personal...

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Floating Skateboard Ramp

What you see before you is Lake Tahoe, Californian skater Bob Burnquist, and 4 days of work. Miami art director Jerry Blohm and his team designed and built this floating skateboard ramp for Burnquist, who was a participant...

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Onewheel - Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Sold Out from Amazon »

They say Onewheeling is like surfing the perfect wave or snowboarding on fresh powder, but without the requisite presence of an ocean or mountain. Hmmm. I wonder if the presence of oceans and mountains has been what caused...