Blaze Laserlight for Cyclists

Posted: February 20, 2014
Blaze Laser Cyclist Bike Light
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Look cyclists, it's a little green you. A constant companion on the road who will never fall behind or drop you, and who will do everything he can to save you from getting rammed, flipped, T-boned, or sideswiped by a car. Blaze's Laserlight is a bicycle front light that projects its image 16 to 20 feet ahead on the road to alert vehicles of unseen cyclists' presence, and prevent them from turning across their path. I mean, if the drivers are actually paying attention to where they're driving and not talking on their cellphones or mowing on a Big Mac anyway.

Blaze notes that 79% of bike accidents result from vehicles turning into a cyclist in their blind spot. By providing a much larger two-wheeled footprint, the Laserlight aims to eliminate this scenario from any bike with the device mounted on its handlebars.

Lights themselves are made of anodized aircraft aluminum and include a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery (about 13 hours of use per charge). They are 100% waterproof. Console buttons allow riders to toggle between low, high, and flashing light modes, plus constant and flashing laser modes.

If protecting yourself while you're on a bike appeals to you, how does protecting your bike when you're off of it? Check out the BikeSpike anti-theft tracking system.

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