Belle Handpainted Bike Helmets

Posted: June 20, 2014
Belle Handpainted Bike Helmets
$85 - $300
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Well sure I'd go commando with a bike helmet instead of without during my weekend Summer Solstice celebration if that helmet were handpainted in the likeness of an icosahedral DnD die. Or a roaring fire beast. Or a tomato. Oh the irony of that which is covering my head being able to thwart the very thing getting hurled at it!

Illustrator Danielle Baskin transforms dull bicycle helmets that do nothing but save riders from brain damage into sweet, optionally custom, and OOAK pieces of art. Every design is made to order and painted by hand with acrylics and ink in New York. Helmets are sealed with a UV-protected varnish to make them scratch- and water-resistant. The artwork has no impact on the helmets' functionality, and all are ASTM and CPSC certified for safety.

Helmets include adjustable foam padding for individual fit and come in sizes S/M and L/XL. The S/M fits heads with circumferences of 20" to 21-3/4", and the L/XL melons measuring 22" to 23-3/4".

Muchas danke to The Coolector.

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