Prank Book Jackets

Posted: June 26, 2020
Prank Book Jackets
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While most of the prank book jackets in FUN Delivery's DYS-Cover line aren't nearly as epic as the DIY Vasectomy Kit gift box, the latter possibly the best gag gift for a man of all time, they still earn a big nod, and even bigger pubic hair wad, of approval from this dude. The fake book covers don't just come with a flash of funny - the front artwork and faux book title - they see the joke through with more art, or ridiculous / hilarious blurbs and book excerpts on their back covers too.

Book...jackets in the DYS-Cover series include: Metropolitan Pubic Art, 101 Ways to Avoid Love & Affection, Killing with Kale and Other Farm-to-Funeral Foods, Communicating with Silent Farts, and my favorite, The Best Places to Visit with Assholes & In-Laws.

Actually, in the case of The Best Places to Visit with Assholes & In-Laws, I'm truly disappointed I'm looking at a prank book jacket instead of a real book. I'd buy that guide in a heartbeat! Especially since traveling with one of those groups of people would almost certainly mean I'm traveling with both - the only in-laws I travel with are assholes, and the only assholes I'd ever get stuck traveling with are my in-laws.

FUN Delivery recommends their DYS-Cover prank book jackets for anyone who deserves a good laugh, or extended moment of discomfort, and notes they make especially good housewarming gifts. Especially, I'd add, paired with one of these prank candles.

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