DIY Vasectomy Kit

Posted: September 22, 2019
DIY At-Home Vasectomy Kit
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Sweet! This DIY Vasectomy Kit should save me hundreds of dollars. Plus, the projected recovery time is a couple days longer - more if my wife screws up - so I'll be able to take off the whole first week of the NCAA tournament from work!

Prank gift boxes have been around for a few years now, but the jokesters behind them continue to bring top notch humor and creativity to their package designs for the Weirdest / Creepiest / Worst Gift Ever. The Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy Kit maintains every snippet of the ruse with 6 sides of content description, testimonials, and full-color photos. Right down to the maker of the vasectomy kit: Dr. Richard Payne.

Dr. Dick Pain!

The image on the back of the DIY Vasectomy Kit box (shown above) of a dude on the couch, his wife reading the procedure instructions with scissors in her hands and a scalpel in her mouth, is particularly poignant for me. It stirs up a stiff emotional cocktail of laughter, nausea, and fear. Well done, prank box! I bow down to you in vas deferens.

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