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By: on November 08, 2012
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Check out the official Incredibox demo above for a full tour of So Far So Good's online Flash app, and then head over to the site itself for what could prove to be hours...and hours...of gratis, groovin', heavy-beat-droppin' time gone by. Seriously, you may be so mesmerized by the sick sounds of the a cappella beatboxing cartoons you've created your wife will think you're watching porn. And, really, if porn for the ears were a viable industry, Incredibox would reign as its king.

Incredibox presents music makers with up to 7 shirtless, shaggy-haired cartoon dudes, who both don hipster threads and begin rippling a soulful cacophony of sound waves as users drag and drop their choice of Effects, Beats, Melodies, Choruses, and Voices onto individual singers. Either from the start of the song, or after desired compositions are jammin', users can hit the record button and save up to 2-1/2 minutes of their musical masterpiece.

Once recordings are complete, users have the option to share their songs via email, Facebook, or Twitter, or trash them and start over. In the upper righthand corner of the Incredibox interface is also a 3-step process to unlocking Bonus features. Access is granted pursuant to watching a short Incredibox song about, uh, trying hard or something, and then testing out all of the sounds. The site's Top 50 compositions, as voted by others when their creators share them, are also listed for the listening pleasure of all here.

So Far So Good originally created Incredibox in 2009. Since then it has garnered many Web awards for its innovative concept and design, as well as simple-to-use interface. It's also addictive, and basically cooler than Johnny Depp, the Dos Equis guy, and Chuck Norris combined.

OK. Maybe that's a slight overstatement. But Incredibox's coolness--and freeness for on-site use--definitely merits a few minutes of exploration and tinkering.

October 2016 Update: Incredibox continues to grow its project, and recently completed an iOS version of the beatboxing app.

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