Stairslide - Indoor Slide For Stairs

Posted: October 10, 2020
$39 - $180
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Introducing Stairslide! Way cheaper than a Millennium Falcon Bounce House! Way less messy than chalk-filled Color Balls! Way safer than a sleeping bag, laundry basket, or cardboard box! Stairslide is a modular indoor slide that telescopes open and secures along the length of your stairs so your kiddos can enjoy some exciting gliding fun.

Each Stairslide section is designed to cover about 3 standard-sized stairs, and sections nest on top of one another to extend the slide and cover more. As many as you have in your staircase, in fact, as long as they're part of a continuous, straight run. High-density rubber strips line Stairslide section undersides to create a high coefficient of friction with underlying treads, and hold the slide in place during use.

Given how far the Stairslide has slid past its Kickstarter funding goal, it seems bringing the playground inside is very appealing to parents right now, particularly with families spending so much time at home, and rugrats bubbling over with energy. If you're interested in an indoor staircase slide as a gift for your kids, or perhaps a gift for yourself to keep them entertained while you take a 10-minute break from life, get your Stairslide pledge in by October 31, 2020.

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