SkyCurve Platform Swing

By: on June 14, 2016
  • SkyCurve Platform Swing
  • SkyCurve Platform Swing
  • SkyCurve Platform Swing
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If the SkyCurve Platform Swing can support up to four kids, why is there no talk of all the fun adults such as me and my friend Cornelius can have on it? First of all, the swing's surface looks like a trampoline, and while I wouldn't expect to be able to jump on it, I do remember what would happen as a kid when we sprayed down my neighbor Ollie's trampoline with the hose. A Slip 'n' Slide swing for launching ourselves Superman-style into the lake this summer? Yes, please, two-day deliver me one of those.

The SkyCurve has a polypropylene fabric mat attached to a foam-padded, 60" x 32" metal frame. It is strong enough for sitting, standing, or lying down on, with the slight curvature of the design adding "an extra dimension of excitement to the super-sized swinging motion." Come on, you gotta dig extra dimensions and super-sizing.

And if you don't, your kids probably will. SkyCurve Platform Swing has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, and is suitable for children ages 5 and up.