Robot Construction Kit

Posted: January 08, 2012

Modular Robotics brings you and your kids (but probably mostly you, given how they don't want to make or build things when they can watch TV and play video games, and their fine motor skills are seemingly stunted anyway, and they have trouble focusing and following directions and staying organized, and maybe should be on meds, or, at the very least, seeing a child psychologist) Cubelets. A DIY robot construction kit, Cubelets allow you to create endless permutations of interactive humanoids that all move, light up, and respond to stimuli a bit differently depending on their composition. Each Cubelet has built-in attributes, such as motion, sensation, and cognition, that manifest as different behaviors based on the blocks they are attached to. Blocks are magnetic, making them simple to snap together, and finished robots will self-propel around your living room, respond to light and other objects, and generally exhibit eerily lifelike qualities. It will be like having your very own R2D2 or Al Gore! The KT06 kit, currently available for pre-order for an April 17, 2012 release date, comes with 6 Cubelets: 1 Drive and 1 Flashlight (action blocks); 1 Brightness and 1 Distance (sense blocks); and 1 Battery and 1 Passive (think/utility blocks). Batteries are included, but the charger is not.

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