Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit

Posted: April 23, 2014
Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit
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Some old lady called me a clown the other day so I decided to look up how to make balloon animals. And as luck would have it, there's a whole kit and how-to guide for balloon modeling. Though it's made by Ridley's so, you know, believe it or not. What's that, Mama? Oh. Wait, are you SURE it's Ripley's?.

So anyway, I couldn't believe some old lady called me a clown the other day but now that I have this easy ticket to delighting little kids and hopefully their hot and lonely single moms (or I guess hot, lonely, and married is fine too) I think it might have all been worth it. According to Ridley's, those who learn and apply their balloon modeling techniques will be the life of any party, particularly if you master twisting and turning rubber/latex/whatever balloons are made out of these days into the elusive pterodactyl or, to be king of the inflatable world, the rideable triceratops that young Asian boy has created.

The balloon modeling kit includes a hand pump, 32 practice balloons, eye stickers, and an instruction booklet.

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