Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

Posted: November 24, 2017
Motion Activated Candy Dispenser
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I do appreciate that a motion activated candy dispenser means touchless operation and, therefore, no transfer of germs between all the grimy hands that would otherwise be cranking the metal knob, opening the lid, and digging into the candy cubby. But mostly I like that a motion activated candy dispenser means less work for lazy me! No cranking! No lifting! No digging!

And by the looks of it, there's no coin slot on this gumball machine, so no paying either!

The touchless candy dispenser does have preset dispensing amounts, so stingy overlords can dole out just a few bits per turn at level 1, while benevolent snack fairies crank it to level 4 and make it rain the whole Skittles rainbow. The machine also works well with M&Ms, jelly beans, gumballs, and unsalted nuts.

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