Magic Choc Chocolate Modeling Kit

Posted: June 07, 2014
Magic Choc Chocolate Modeling Kit
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Summer is here, the kids are out of school and home all day long.... Time to occupy them with DIY projects and sugar! Magic Choc's Chocolate Modeling Kit includes wads of pliable 100% Belgian white, milk, and dark chocolate for dexterous little hands to squish, mold, and, in inevitable moments of weakness, eat.

The Magic Choc patented chocolate formula requires no heat for modeling, and is flexible for shaping at any temperature between 68 and 98.6 degrees. It also promises not to melt in your hands, so no excuses for popping what were to be Mr. Potato Head's eyes in your mouth as if they had been compromised by clammy palms.

Magic Choc chocolate contains no artificial colors or flavors (just whatever chemicals make it moldable, unmeltable, and "magic"...) and is is gluten free.

The Magic Choc Chocolate Modeling Kit is a top Dude Gift for a Kid pick.

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