Grush Gaming Toothbrush for Kids

By: on May 01, 2014
$49 - $69
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A gaming toothbrush for kids? Do we really have to go to lengths of Grush proportions, pandering to our insolent children's every inclination, in order to get them to do what they should simply by virtue of our saying, Hey you little snot! Turn off the damn video game and go brush your teeth! The answer is yes. At least if we don't want every night of our lives to turn into a battle. If we don't want to end up spending twice as much money as we've spent time fighting the toothbrushing fight on dentist's bills from fillings and root canals. The Grush gaming toothbrush may be a slightly indulgent way to cajole kiddos into practicing proper oral hygiene, but if it works, I say it's worth it.

The Grush design includes a standard toothbrush head attached to a motion-sensing "gaming wand" handle, the latter of which wirelessly transmits data to Grush games running on a mobile device. Though the games are indeed intended to make brushing fun and interactive for kids, they also add the subversive twist of teaching them proper brushing habits. An expanding library of animated tests and exercises will guide brushers through the teeth cleaning process, encouraging them to complete tasks such as brush-squashing out bugs, brush-fighting monsters hiding in their teeth, and brush-raising virtual pets (yeah, I'm not sure how that one made it into the mix either). At the end of the otherwise dreaded bristle ritual each game provides a score, or Grush Factor, on brushing quality.

Grush Factors then accumulate in the Grush Cloud, where parents can access the information to review and monitor their kids' brushing habits, and administer rewards and smackdowns as merited.

Each Grush package consists of a Grush brush, 2 brushing heads, a smartphone mirror mount, compatible Android/iOS games, the parental dashboard app, and the Grush Cloud. The system is intended for children ages 3 and up.

For more information about the tech behind Grush's motion-sensing brush wand and Grush Apps, check out the project's Indiegogo page. There you can also pledge to be one of the first parents to bring Grush into your house. The campaign runs through May 18, 2014.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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