Flying LED Helicopter Toy

By: on November 13, 2012
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Apparently, these tchotchkes--Arrow Helicopters, officially--are huge in Thailand. Their tiny propellers, attached LED lights, easy-to-use tautened rubber band launch pads, and relative cheapness (about $4 for a deuce) give the impression that they will also bequeath American kiddos with a solid 15 minutes of pleasure in the dusk and snow this holiday season before the siren song of their PlayStations beckons them back inside. Trajectory and hang time challenges, along with the splendiferous light show effect of multiple helicopters flying at once, could lure the adults to the back yard as well.

Arrow Helicopters use a rubber band implement to launch, and take off with propellers folded at their sides. Once their maximum height is reached, the blades open and spin as the chopper floats back to the ground. The LEDs alight their path throughout the journey.

Arrow Helicopters are suitable for children ages 3 and up. Each lighted floater measures 6" x 0.8" x 0.5", and requires 3, LR41 batteries, which are not included.

Muchas danke to Dan L. for the product suggestion.

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ZERO Helicopter

Holy hovering vehicle of flight! It's the ZERO concept helicopter from Spanish helicopter thinker upper Hector del Amo. How does it work? How fast can it go? How far can it go? Is it safe? Who the hell knows?! Apparently...

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$50k from Hoverbike »

The Hoverbike is what happens when one really wants to be a superhero, but really needs to figure out a way to more efficiently herd cattle. Aussie Chris Malloy has created a prototype for this motorcycle-helicopter hybrid...

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American Paper Optics Solar Eclipse Glasses

$79.99 from Amazon »

American Paper Optics and their eclipse viewing glasses have a PSA: look straight at the sun during the total solar eclipse coming America's way on August 21, 2017, and you'll know exactly what people mean when they say...

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Euler's Disk of Infinite Spin & Sound

$31.79 from Amazon »

I'm not saying the Euler's Disk isn't fascinating and rad and a commendable utilization of the laws of physics, but watching and listening to it creates a great deal of anxiety in my heart. It's like the foreboding music...

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Buzz Helicopter

Japanese design and engineering firm Phiaro has shown up to various motor and trade shows with some pretty sick rides, but the Buzz Helicopter concept (or maybe prototype? Information is sparse) has got to be the most...

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EHang 184 AAV - Life-Size Rideable Drone


EHang cut its teeth on drone manufacturing a couple years ago with the GHOSTDRONE, a quadcopter they dub "smart" and "the easiest drone to fly in the world." But now it's 2016. Smart and easy to fly are standards. EHang...

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Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow

$9.99 from Amazon »

The dude in your office who always says to Ping me, brah! when that copy's done. When you're getting coffee? When it's time for Friday Feats of Strength in the conference room? Oh, it's time to ping him, brah!...

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Kyosho RC Surfer

$269.98 from Amazon »

Can't catch a wave? Catch a break with the Kyosho RC Surfer 3. At 12.8" tall this remote controlled rider on his Lost board will try to make your time at the beach bitchin' even when the surf is too small to get out there...

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Super Precision Gyroscope

Sold Out from Amazon »

Made from solid brass and aluminum, the Super Precision Gyroscope is both the epic tinkerer's and workplace thumb-twiddler's essential toy. It runs on miniature stainless steel bearings that propel its movement continuously...

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Rubber Band Machine Gun

$59.95 from XYZbot »

In the grand spirit of rubber band guns--and according to Rubber Band Machine Gun creator XYZbot, there is indeed a grand spirit and subculture of rubber band guns in Japan--we present your favorite organization, binding...

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Rubber Band Gatling Gun

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Junior Devastator is an 80-shot rubber band gatling gun that "sprays rubber bands like a hose sprays water." Two points on that. 1) I wonder what Daddy Devastator looks like. 2) The JD is the third, and probably the...

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B - The RC Hybrid Car-Helicopter

$604 - $768 from B Go Beyond »

I can't fit inside it. That's the primary downside to B, a patent-pending, remote-controlled car-helicopter hybrid capable of plowing along unfriendly terrain and then, when said terrain turns too rugged, lifting off...