Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff Ball

Posted: October 14, 2019
Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff
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As if the name Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff isn't bad enough, the actual thing Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff refers to is an inflatable beach ball printed with dozens of conversation topics for men who might otherwise sit in silence watching the game and drinking beer. Can you imagine the awkwardness that would surround giving this "fun game" as a gift to a man? The implications of it, that he can't make conversation with other men, that his communication skills are limited to comments about the weather and bad calls, plus the occasional grunt and announcement that he's gotta use the john?

It's all true, of course. And you as the giver of a Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff ice breaker / bonding activity may also suffer all the same conversational shortcomings yourself. But pointing it out, acknowledging it, or both...yep. Gonna be awkward.

Once the Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff ball is inflated though, it probably is a pretty fun game. I can think of at least a dozen times someone brought a ball to a party, and the best part about the party was tossing or batting it around. Last Thanksgiving my wife's cousin hauled an original Koosh out of his junk drawer and I'll bet we burned off our entire dinner chucking and diving for it in his living room.

Anyway, in description Toss 'n Talk-About Men Stuff might be a weird and uncomfortable game, but in action, sounds kind of alright.

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