12-Pack of Original Koosh Balls

Posted: May 05, 2018
12-Pack of Original Koosh Balls
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I just found my groomsmen gifts. Think I'll pick up an extra 12-pack of Koosh Balls as a gift for the office too. Why not spread the joy of holding, stretching, tossing, and possibly getting koooshhhed! in the head with these spindly rubber urchins of our youth as far and wide as possible? The kids are gonna love the Koosh, my boys are gonna love the Koosh, and no doubt my stressed-out co-workers are gonna love the Koosh.

My fiancee and HR...well...they'll come around.

One of the best toys of the 80s you can still buy - and buy in bulk! - this dirty dozen of Koosh arrives as a multi-colored set of 3" balls. In addition to cheap gifts and party favors, parents, teachers, and therapists have also had success giving Koosh Balls to kids with autism or ADD for sensory stimulation and / or to calm and focus them.

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