Putter Pool

Posted: January 16, 2013
  • Putter Pool
  • Putter Pool
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Now that NFL powerhouse and perennial Super Bowl favorites the Seattle Seahawks have been knocked out of the playoffs, I'm going to have to find something else to do from within the 6' radius surrounding my recliner. Hey, I like pool. Yeah, I like golf too. Oh boy do I ever like not having to change out of my pajamas or leave my house! Putter Pool, welcome to my living room. Please, unfurl your felt green mat and affix your rails and pockets right here next to my Boxing Couch.

Putter Pool mats cover 65" x 46" of floor area, and are suitable for setup on any level surface. Rails attach with Velcro for simplicity and the neat sound they'll make when you tear the pieces back apart. Also included in the set are carbon fiber golf clubs and 16 golf balls painted and numbered in the spirit of billiards balls. Putter Pool makers tout their game as a mirthful family activity, and point out that it will help teach the kiddos hand-eye coordination, strategy, and how to take a high-club or ball to the face like a man.

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