Putter Pool

By: on January 16, 2013
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  • Putter Pool
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Now that NFL powerhouse and perennial Super Bowl favorites the Seattle Seahawks have been knocked out of the playoffs, I'm going to have to find something else to do from within the 6' radius surrounding my recliner. Hey, I like pool. Yeah, I like golf too. Oh boy do I ever like not having to change out of my pajamas or leave my house! Putter Pool, welcome to my living room. Please, unfurl your felt green mat and affix your rails and pockets right here next to my Boxing Couch.

Putter Pool mats cover 65" x 46" of floor area, and are suitable for setup on any level surface. Rails attach with Velcro for simplicity and the neat sound they'll make when you tear the pieces back apart. Also included in the set are carbon fiber golf clubs and 16 golf balls painted and numbered in the spirit of billiards balls. Putter Pool makers tout their game as a mirthful family activity, and point out that it will help teach the kiddos hand-eye coordination, strategy, and how to take a high-club or ball to the face like a man.

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The PuttSkee - Skee Ball Golf

$499 from Amazon »

And the PuttSkee skee ball-golf hybrid even folds up into an oversized luggage / encyclopedia salesman-style rolling crate so you can hold tournaments next to the keg on Fridays at the office, turn it into a drinking...

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The Gotham Golfcart

$28,500 from Hammacher Schlemmer »

The Gotham Golfcart might be the worst awesome emergence of Batman into real life I've ever seen. A blacked out, mostly enclosed Dark Knight Tumbler wannabe cruising at a snail's pace along the completely open, completely...

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$6,500 from GolfBoard »

I'm sure serious, elitist golfers have long been wondering when their posh country clubs were going to figure out a way to incorporate skateboarding into their rolling 18 holes of pristine greens. Well, lads, this is...

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Fusiontables - Dining/Pool Tables

Game and grub. Grub and game. Thanks to Fusiontables, your mechanism for doing so is now one in the same. Designers and engineers at Belgian company Saluc have created these hybrid pool-dining tables to conserve space...

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Naked Lady Golf Tees

$3.88 from Amazon »

If you haven't already injected your Summer 2016 with some 1980s-era hilarity courtesy of the Butt Buoys or Floaty Pants, I have good nudes....

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Described as an Interactive Pool Table System, this really has to be seen in action to be believed. Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. High-definition imagery responds in real-time to...

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Reflex Golf Push Cart

$228 from Amazon »

Too fit to ride in the motorized greens-mobile? Too thrifty to hire a caddy? Sun Mountain has created a nice series of in-betweens with their contemporary golf push carts. The company's latest manual 4-wheeler is the...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Golf Balls

$13.95 from Amazon »

Forget the greens, come first snow me and my friend Cornelius are going to be grabbing some heavy-handed egg nog and driving these glowing globes of golf across the whites. Now I just need to find a footlong tee....

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Glass Top Ping Pong Table

Oh good, I was hoping someone would come up with a way for me to enjoy the excitement of a ping pong match from below. TravisMathew has developed this Glass Top Ping Pong table as a custom, made-to-order in the OC, price...

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Golf Cart Hovercraft

A Hovercraft Golf Cart, say what? It's like country club meets Star Trek convention. Caddyshack meets Back to the Future. Rich people meets...things only rich people can afford....

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X9 Follow Golf Caddy

$2,500 from Stewart Golf »

Sweet, a caddy you don't have to tip or worry about getting caught violating child labor laws while carrying your clubs for 9 hours straight in 95-degree weather. British company Stewart Golf has released the X9 Follow...

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Banana Pool Table

$18,611 from Firebox.com »

Time to brush up on curving the cue ball. Here are a few observations about bananas and pool and Banana Pool Tables:...