The Boxing Couch

Posted: July 08, 2012
The Boxing Couch

If you get riled up watching your favorite team bone a play, your least favorite Presidential candidate rally for support, or another F'in cliffhanger on True Blood, imagine the agression and blood stains you can spare the glass top of your Star Wars Coffee Table with the Boxing Couch. Named Champ by its designer, Tobias Fraenzel, the Boxing Couch's movable back rest converts to a full-on boxing bag with a simple 90-degree pivot of the attached arm. Just draw up and then fold back down for instant transitions between training and couch potatoing. (And speaking of "ing"-ing, I bet Billy Blanks is Tae Bo-ing himself in the face right now for not having thought of the Boxing Couch himself.)

Champ Boxing Couch design begins with a Multiplex CNC-cut frame, assembled by hand, and then covered in NestKnit fabric. Punching bag mechanics employ professional-grade, custom-made lasered steel with superstrong steel springs, and handmade PU foam for comfortable lounging, and non-bone-shattering punching and kicking. It's also both soft and strong enough for kids who have just washed down a pound of Swedish Fish with a 32-ounce Mountain Dew to screw around with without hurting themselves or destroying the furniture.

Since all Champ incarnations are made to order, buyers can request them in colors other than the red and light grey pictured. All couches measure 61" x 35" x 16.5". Interested parties--i.e., those planning to host Living Room Olympics 2012 like I am--should contact Fraenzel for pricing information at [email protected]

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