LEGO Bat Cave

Posted: October 21, 2012
LEGO Bat Cave

Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston, ye builders of the LEGO Bat Cave, I think you might win Batman Creations Fabricated by People Obsessed with the Dark Knight for 2012. Motorcycle suits be damned, I'd much rather have this jaw-dropping specimen of over 20,000 LEGO bricks sprawling through the Bat Cave's stony walls, technical command center, and vehicle launching pads. The expert small-scale builders--one of whom is a driving force behind BrickCon, and the other of whom used to design models for movies--each spent over 400 hours and 3 months assembling the Bat Cave, which first debuted at Emerald City ComiCon in March 2012. Be sure to check out the full library of Bat Cave photos on Livingston's Flickr page.

Other "Holy Armadillos, Batman!" LEGO Bat Cave stats include:

  • It weighs in at 100 pounds. That's more than 14 babies, or 10 fat babies.
  • Its entire roof lifts off to allow for splitting the rest of the Bat Cave into three sections for easier transport.
  • The Cave includes 4 LEGO Power Functions motors.
  • All electrical and moving parts are currently battery operated.
  • All parts are LEGO, less some of the lighting and two pieces related to the lighting.
  • Hussey and Livingston have no clue how much the Bat Cave cost to build in LEGO and other materials. Probably around a bazillion dollars.

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