The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit

Posted: July 22, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit
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Answer: As a souped-up sick UD Replicas Motorcycle Suit. Question: What is one more way in which the Dark Knight rises? Designed especially for the latest Batman trilogy's epic conclusion, the Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit decks out riders in head-to-cod-piece leather armor whose details mirror the on-screen elements of Gotham's protector's, and Kevlar inserts engineered to serve as the wearer's own protector during precarious encounters on the road. The suit is a movie replica, yes, but a costume, definitely not. And unlike the Old Glory-hued Captain America Motorcycle Suit, this superhero incarnation sticks to Batman blackness that won't get riders laughed out of--or forcefully removed from--legit biker bars. Well, as long as the golden utility belt stays outside, anyway.

The price quote is for the full Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit combination, though the jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and belt may all be purchased separately as well. Only 350 suits have been forged for this edition, and sales close August 31, 2012, with shipments beginning in October. The fully-functional, comfortably wearable, comprehensive compilation of wicked raddery includes:

  • Leather components from Grade A cow hide.
  • Strong edge seaming for all visible and hidden stitch work.
  • Form-molded hard- and soft-shell visible Kevlar details.
  • Form-molded leather detailing.
  • Jacket sleeves with adjustable leather gauntlets.
  • A breathable motorcycle-grade mesh cordura base.
  • Anti-skid Kevlar in glove palms.
  • Removable CE-approved body armor in forearms/elbows, shoulders, and back spine protector.
  • Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
  • 1:1 scale operable Batpod. Heh. Just kidding.

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